Web Analytics

The Web Analytics module enables participants to fully measure, monitor and optimise Digital Marketing activities by teaching how to build online reporting structures for businesses, and a range of specialist tools that are available for measuring and monitoring online traffic. The rationale and business benefits for adopting a formal analytics system and how to setup accounts, profiles and permissions to apply analytics tracking across websites are discussed.

Students will discover how to align business KPIs with analytics goal configuration, and utilise the features of Google Analytics to develop a detailed profile of target audience’s location, demographics, technology, devices, interests and more. Also discussed are assessing the effectiveness of a website’s technical performance and download speed, and how to measure levels of user engagement and conversion by tracking activities such as downloads, video views, purchases and registrations, etc.

Part of this module involves students learning how to create and schedule customised reports and exploring Google Analytics real time and intelligence reporting capabilities. Participants are made aware of data protection and privacy issues associated with web analytics.

    The Web Analytics module topics are

    • What is Website Analytics?
    • Google Analytics explained
    • Understanding your KPI’s
    • Measuring Website Traffic
    • Setting Up Goal and Event Tracking
    • Increasing Traffic to Your Website
    • eCommerce
    • Real Time Reporting

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