Email Marketing

The Email Marketing course teaches the practicalities behind an effective email marketing campaign. It clearly explains how permission-based email marketing plays an important role in Digital Marketing to increase consumer reach and sales, email copywriting, email deliverability, testing of email campaigns and provides insights into data protection considerations.

Email Marketing continues to be an effective consumer communications tool in Digital Marketing despite the challenges of deliverability, inbox stand-out and list member dormancy.

The Email Marketing course will teach participants to drive open rate, engagement rate and conversion rate.

    The Email Marketing course topics include:

    • Introduction to Email Marketing
    • The Evolution of Email Marketing
    • Online versus Offline Marketing
    • When to Use Email Marketing in the Marketing Mix
    • Building an Email Database
    • Opt-in Options
    • Managing Your Email Database
    • Email Delivery Software Solutions
    • Planning and Creating Email Campaigns
    • Types of Marketing Campaigns That Are Best Suited to Email Marketing
    • Examples of Good and Bad Email Marketing Pieces
    • Handling Responses
    • Integrating Email into the Overall Marketing Mix
    • Testing & Measurement
    • Legislation & Data Protection
    • Case Studies

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