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Adolescents are an important age-group for preventing disease and supporting health yet, little is known about their health-seeking behaviours. We describe the digital reproductive health habits (such as health information and health services seeking behaviours) of young persons as well as factors that influence these behaviours in Nigeria.


To help Marketers in Nigeria appreciate how their peers are employing digital channels in their marketing efforts as well as help them chart the process for effective two-way communication with consumer in their consumer-decision journey, Wild Fusion Digital Centre (WDC) in partnership with the School of Media and Communications, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, recently completed a research into “The most Effective Digital Marketing Channels in Nigeria”.

Wild Fusion Digital Centre (WDC) is an innovative Digital Marketing Research Organisation, in addition to being a digital training centre . We provide the best service in digital marketing research by combining innovative digital research methodologies with world-class industry expertise in supporting businesses to make profitable decisions.

Our belief at WDC is that business decisions should be based on quality insights about their consumers and the markets they operate in.

Thus, WDC produces periodic Digital Marketing Research reports that are dedicated to providing practical insights across industries on all aspects of digital business.

Our team of Digital Marketing researchers includes Marketers, Educationalists, Research Analysts and Psychologists, with local and international expertise in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Telecommunication & Technology, Financial Services, Retail, Media & Entertainment, and Fashion & Lifestyle industries.

With our access to millions of profiled digital consumers who are willing to participate in research and our innovative research methodologies, our Digital Marketing Research team are able to turn data into digital intelligence that empowers businesses in their industries to:

  • Increase their digital market penetration by acquiring new consumers.
  • Increase their product and/or service offerings on digital platforms where necessary.
  • Increase their profitability through geographical expansion and, product and/or service diversification via digital channels.
  • Establish more engaging relationships with existing digital consumers.
  • Understand digital marketing pressures and challenges, and how they can be overcome.


Our vision is to become the most innovative leader of the digital market research industry in Africa.

Our partners are at the heart of all we do as we integrate their knowledge from digital marketing, marketing sciences and IT with our passion, creativity, industry knowledge, processes and tools to assist businesses in making more accurate digital marketing decisions.

We are constantly investing in digital research and development in order to strengthen our core offerings because like us, our partners are passionate about turning real-time digital analytics into informed decisions to enable businesses improve their competitive edge.


The Planned Parenthood Global (PP Global) team was on the overall, impressed by the professional conduct of WDC Research Unit (and indeed the entire Wild Fusions team) whilst they were engaged to conduct the above named study. Timelines and deadlines were met, feedbacks were sought and implemented, contact meetings were timely and fruitful and largely, our consultancy partnership was a smooth sail.

Also, the market research referred, generated ample, useful findings in accordance with the objectives (as intended) for the survey and formed a large part of the evidential basis on which the social media marketing campaign for our project m-tech product ( draws its strategies and approaches. Most impressing is that findings from the referred survey was presented in a visually appealing, easy to understand and actionable format – making it an easy tool for dissemination/publication as well as advocacy. Kudos to the team for this!

Thank-God Okosun
Country Manager (Nigeria) – Planned Parenthood.