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Our Google Analytics Course teaches the basics of Google Analytics setup and configurations to advanced tracking features in order to help students discover the digital insights hidden in web data and how these insights can be used to improve consumers’ online experience and secure repeat website visits.

Google Analytics Course Overview:

To enable participants gain a clear understanding of Google Analytics and the benefits it offers to businesses, this course begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of web analytics such as tracking referral sources, improving web design and content, and identifying visitors’ preferences.

The Google Analytics Course then advances to discussing the usage of Google Analytics. Students are taught the advanced tools in Google Analytics for detailed data analysis, the metrics behind web analytics and best practices of applying them to achieve a good advertising and marketing return on investment (ROI), how to measure visitors level of engagement with websites and create more advanced goals to look at conversion rate.

The Google Analytics Course concludes with a more technical focus on Google Analytics by covering how to set up and customise tracking code, setting up goals and funnels, tracking interactive elements and best practices for filtering analytics data.



    The Google Analytics Course provides individuals who prefer to interact with a lecturer instead of self-study with practical knowledge to pass the Google Analytics IQ test.

    To become qualified, participants of the Google Analytics Course MUST pass the Google Analytics IQ Test.

    Passing the Google Analytics IQ Test provides professional validation that an individual is a proficient Google Analytics user. Qualified users will also be effective at leveraging Google Analytics within businesses and at helping others to do the same.

    After completing our Google Analytics Course, students will have a clear understanding of how Google Analytics works as well as knowledge of what tools and reports would best serve advertising goals.

    The Google Analytics Course will help students:

    • Understand the benefits of web analytics
    • Recognise and use the data provided by web analytics tools
    • Know best metrics to measure and why
    • Learn how to implement, configure and use the Google Analytics interface
    • Interpret data from Google Analytics
    • Create custom report and translate raw data into actionable insights

    The Google Analytics Course is suitable for:

    • AdWords customers who are interested in learning about how to monitor their websites or online campaigns.
    • Marketing, business analysis, web development and sales professionals with the responsibility of developing and/or implementing an organisation’s digital strategy.
    • Anyone who desires a deeper understanding of how Google Analytics works and how it can be implemented.

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