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Our Search Engine Optimization Course will equip you with the practical skills of how to achieve strong performance organically and better understand how search engine algorithms work.

The goal of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to increase a website’s traffic and ultimately convert them to consumers, by getting higher organic search engine placement for the keywords in search queries. The Search Engine Optimization Course provides participants with practical understanding of what SEO is, how Search Engine Optimization works and most importantly, how to make SEO work for their business.

    The topics covered in our Search Engine Optimization Course include:

    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
    • Keywords research and analysis
    • On-page optimisation techniques
    • Content development
    • Off-page optimisation techniques
    • Quality website traffic
    • Measuring and Optimising SEO campaigns
    • Best practices
    • KPIs

    Would you like to attend Search Engine Optimization Course as part of the Certificate in Search Engine Marketing course?

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