Content Marketing

Content Marketing has a renewed level of importance with organisations tasked with the challenge of engaging its target audience(s) through storytelling and conversation. As a result, businesses are turning to content marketing driven strategies to gain customer loyalty, increase customer engagement in a multichannel environment and increase their market share.

This practical Content Marketing module provides a framework for ensuring that your content delivers value for customers and advances businesses’ objectives in a measurable way. Additionally, it addresses the challenges for businesses in developing a content strategy and how to create a realistic and sustainable content marketing strategy.

    This module covers the following:

    • Introduction to Content Marketing
    • Business objectives
    • Consumer-centred content
    • Branded content and storytelling
    • Content Marketing for digital and traditional channels, devices and context
    • Content Marketing strategy and challenges
    • Content Marketing for digital media,
    • What To Do After Publishing
    • Best practices
    • Tracking, measuring and optimising.

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