Advanced Training In Digital Marketing

Advanced Training in Digital Marketing Overview

Advanced Training  in Digital Marketing programme, by Wild Fusion Digital Centre, is a practical programme  designed to empower individuals and to help businesses improve their online lead generation and customer engagement.

Digital Marketing has infiltrated every sphere of business and personal life, becoming a key component of most organisations’ overall Marketing Strategy.

Whether the business goal is to create awareness, increase engagement and sales of products and services, organisations are fast realizing the need to build Digital Marketing competencies in-house, thus the need to get hands on training experience.

With every market segment online, it is imperative to learn how to harness digital marketing channels to avoid missing out on the opportunities digital marketing brings and to stay ahead of your competition.

Advanced Training in Digital Marketing is designed to provide a detailed practical introduction to Digital Marketing as participants learn how to get meaningful results from the most effective digital channels available today.

Exercises are given throughout the Advanced Training in Digital Marketing to offer practical guidance to the core digital marketing techniques and enable participants leave with solid hands on experience that they can immediately implement in their daily business activities.

Special emphasis in Advanced Training in Digital Marketing is placed on applying these techniques at an international level, thereby equipping you for today’s global marketplace.

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Programme Details

The Advanced Training in Digital Marketing carries five different Certifications:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter Flight School
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • A certificate of completion issued by Wild Fusion Digital Centre.

Participants are encouraged to complete the certification exams within one month after completion of the programme, after which the certificate will be issued. Its curriculum focuses on current trends and best practices in Digital Marketing, creating innovative strategies and how these strategies can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage for businesses.

The Advanced Training in Digital Marketing touches substantially on vital aspects of Digital Marketing.  The programme covers the following modules:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Search Marketing Practitioners course
  • Digital Display Marketing
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Analytics Practitioners Course
  • Introduction to Digital Campaign Planning & Strategy


The programme runs for 5 weekend days. The next training is scheduled to take place from 27th January – 18th February (Weekend classes)

Who should attend?

•Individuals with traditional marketing experience or limited experience in digital marketing. •Professionals involved in developing and implementing digital strategies but want to understand fundamental digital marketing concepts and discover new approaches. •Individuals with years of experience in any role who are interested in enjoying the benefits of having digital skills in today’s digital age. •Aspiring small business owners who want to learn to use digital channels to grow and nurture online prospects to customers profitably.

Programme Fee:

The Advanced Training in Digital Marketing programme runs at a DISCOUNTED fee of N100, 000 (VAT Inclusive).